Sunday, March 4, 2012

Botanic Garden

Our group visited the Botanic Garden located by Chaparral Hall. We started off just walking on a trail but as soon as that disappeared we decided to just roam around. Immediately we were surrounded by nature including all the little insects, plus rats. We even saw a wasp nest that was closed off with caution tape. The area was very peaceful and seemed like a great place to just sit and relax or even study. Even though we did go around 10 in the morning, there was no one to be found but my partners and I. The only noises that I could hear were the rustling in the plants and leaves. While we were roaming around we saw a beautiful green house.
After talking to the people inside we were allowed to go inside and view the place. There were plants from left to right and the rooms were very humid since this was the habitat of the plants. We noticed little notes on certain plants that detailed them to a certain class and professor. This space served an important process to the university and their students. These plants help out students in their classes and way of learning. After viewing this green house/nursery we decided to go back to the Botanic Garden.
I feel that this Botanic Garden serves more than being the home of animals and nature. It’s a relaxing place where one can go and study; they even have tables and benches. This place helps one learn about their surroundings and they even had plaques near the plants to define their history. Though the green house or nursery may have been somewhat hidden, it serves as an educational environment. Plus this Botanic Garden serves as a tourist area; any new students or visitors can make their way to this place and feel one with nature. Though this area may be small compared to the other places around campus, I feel as it holds a great place here at CSUN. With so much studying and stressful days, sometimes being around nature and quietness goes a long way. 

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