Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project Space- Parks

For project space, my group and I decided on taking an observation of parks. We each went to different parks located in different areas. I went to three different parks, Gates Canyon Park, Granada Hills Recreation Center (Petit Park), and Lake Balboa. Gates Canyon Park is located in Calabasas. I went on Saturday around one in the afternoon. The park was overwhelmed with people. There were families left and right. Something that I noticed right away however was the ethnicity of the people, there seemed to be only a majority of white people. Plus, all the people that were there seemed to have an acquaintance with one another. The next park I went to was Petit Park, located in Granada Hills. I went on a Thursday afternoon, around 12. Here the people I saw were different from the ones I saw in Gates Canyon Park. I saw a numerous amount of ethnicities. I believe the difference of ethnicities was due to a library that is located just a few steps away from the park. The third park I went to was Lake Balboa. I visited this park on a Tuesday around 10 in the morning. This is a beautiful park that many go to for a pathway to run, plus its very peaceful. Here just like at Petit Park I saw a wide range of ethnicities. Most of the people here seemed very calm, maybe since it is a very peaceful environment with less traffic than most places. These three parks had something in common and a difference with one another. I believe that each park has a main focus on the style due to where it is located. For example, the Gates Canton Park located in Calabasas had a very different look at style to it than what the other two parks had to offer. I believe that the area of where certain parks are located play a huge role on how parks are constructed and seen. They don’t just serve as a place for families or a place to take a step away from the world but the parks serve a role in the community, to most it’s a home away from home. 

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  1. you're absolutely right. Parks tremendously reflect the area of its location. Calabasas is known for being the home to many who are considered to be upper middle class to Upper class. Because of that, the park will seem a little, "fancier" if you wil compared to a park here in the valley, or to a park in Los Angeles, where the income level is a little lower.