Monday, April 23, 2012

Essay proposal

For this upcoming essay I’ve decided to write about the nature versus nurture issue. In ‘As Nature Made Him’ it was believed that even though ‘David’ was born a healthy male, with enough nurture he was going to be able to live life as a girl due to a failed circumcision. I will explain that even though medicine has advanced so much over years, ones gender is influenced by ones nature and nurture. 
First I will have to state what nature and nurture really are and if they even do go hand in hand. I will show how Dr. Money and David’s parents thought that with enough social factors could have influenced his gender identity. I will also state some theories of why it could have failed as well.
Second I will discuss David’s story and how for him no matter the amount of nurture that was giving to him, he was still convinced he was in the wrong body. I will use examples of thanks to our society we see appropriate for a male and female role.
Next I will show how nurture shapes our gender role and identity. I will show how even before we are born, we already have certain things that we can and cant due because of our gender and what society defines as right.
In my conclusion I will state how nature may play a role in ones life but we wouldn’t be who we are if it wasn’t for the nurture side. This nurture side explains why male and female do certain things that the other sex can’t because of our society. 

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