Thursday, April 5, 2012

As Nature Made Him

After reading “As Nature Made Him” by John Colapinto, I couldn’t believe everything Dr. Money had done to the twins. Even though his parents just wanted a better future for his son, the decision seemed to cause more conflict. I find it horrible to see how Dr. Money was so obsessed with his theories and his fame that he forced “Brenda” in a wicked way. The Reimers had to live with their son having to be a girl because of an unsuccessful circumcision.
“Brenda’s” parents, Ron and Janet, felt it necessary to go through the surgery because they didn’t want their little boy to have an unusual life. Because they didn’t want this, they agreed with whatever Dr. Money had to say. Like Mrs. Reimer said, “I looked up to him like a god. I accepted whatever he said.” They were sold when they heard that their “girl” was going to be able to have all the characteristics of a girl, except being able to be a mother. They were so preoccupied with what others would say if they didn’t go through the operation, not to mention what the life of his would be like. However, even “Brenda” will question her own sex and see that she doesn’t fit in, and she will know that she isn’t who she thinks she is, she will just answer what people would want to hear. The parents may have done this from the good side of their heart, however, they made “Brenda” question herself everyday, and she knew she wasn’t in the right body.
This book tries to see about the theory if changing the gender is possible after birth. Gender roles were used throughout the book with girls playing house and playing with dolls and boys playing rough and dirty. “Brenda’s” mother would even try to put her in a dress at the twins second birthday and she ripped it and tried to take it off. All along “Brenda” knew she wasn’t in the right body and she wanted to be a boy. However, Dr. Money, always tried convincing the Reimers that everything he did was correct,  he just wanted his fame and theory to be looked upon by many others, no matter the cost.  


  1. I agree with you about Dr. Money and his obsession with his experiment. Throughtout the book you can see that he wanted to shape his experiment by making Brenda and her brother do strange things. You also saw the true Dr. Money whenever a meeting with the twins wouldn't go well or the way he planned. It's also a shame how he tried forcing her to have the remaining 2 surgeries to completely transform her into a girl. Alothough Brenda already had her suspicion, and fought not to have the surgery Dr. Money continued to bring it up and fight her about having it. This only brought even more confussion and eventually drepressed Brenda even more. It really sad how things played out for this child.

  2. Carla:
    I must agree with you about Dr. Money. It's sad to see how one's ambition can get in the way, and how he will stop at nothing to make sure he looks good, but ignores the out come of the twins. I look at it like this: he would rather ruin 2 lives, rather than his reputation. Which we can see the outcome was a horrible one, he could have cleaned up or tried to save his reputation if he admitted that he was wrong.

    With the parent situation, it's hard to say. Because I am not a parent, as much as I try, I can't put myself in their position. I think what they did was wrong, but in desperation so their child can live normally they did the best they could. But then again, I think that they should have waited.. but then again, it was a different time period and I don't have children and they did.